Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010 Scribnote

Comments from our Chairperson:
Our first meeting of the year, January 9, 2010, started out with a bang!  We had three returning members and one new member. Welcome Amber Schindler. Each month we meet at Christ the King Lutheran Church, from 10 am to noon , and a member usually volunteers to present a mini workshop to the group. In January, GinnyVander Hey demonstrated watercolor monoprints, and we were all able to complete one of our own by noon.It's just amazing how 12 people can come up with such different color schemes and techniques.

In February, we all brought our varying supplies to make paste paper. Fortunately, we were able to have our room at Christ the King Lutheran for an entire day. Paste paper takes a while to dry and we usually have to end a few hours early.  This enables the paper to dry before we leave. We had a great day and the results, as usual, were amazing.  Once again we are adding these pieces of art to our store of papers at home. March 6th, Pat West demonstrated what she had learned from the Nancy Culmone workshop she attended at the 2008 Conference.  She shared her portfolio with us and we were able to see how she developed different styles for one letter and how to enhance them with watercolors and colored pencils. .As you walked around the room, everyone was doing a different letter with different mediums.  It’s so relaxing to have the time to work on something with no interruptions!  And lastly, On March 27th, five of our members met at the South Shore Railway to attend the opening of the 24th Annual Juried exhibition of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective.  The work created by these Chicago calligraphers was incredible. Tables were also set up for their members to demonstrate different techniques. Books by Rosie Kelly, experimental lettering by Marcia Smith.  Versals with Joe Avila, and embossing with Rita Foltz. Of course, we took advantage of being in Chicago and visited Paper Source.  A few dollars less but richer in some of their beautiful papers.


Angie West was invited to come to the Andrews University Library on March 2 to showcase calligraphy for their art week.  Ginny Vander Hey went along as her assistant and together they calligraphed about 50 bookmarks for anyone passing by through the library.  So many people are interested in our art form and many have taken classes “years ago” but were amazed at the different styles now available as they looked through Angie’s portfolio.  We had a great two hours together talking to people about our work and I think one of the most asked questions was, “how long have you been doing this”.  It seems like we just started yesterday, but as we go over how many workshops we have been through, it’s about 15 years for me and a year or so less for Angie.  The old adage works well here, “Time flies when you are having fun!”. I swear that Angie had all the short names; Joe, Mary, etc. while everyone who walked up to Ginny had names like Tranquillity.  I think we needed longer bookmarks!


Victoria Pittman – Victoria Pittman will be coming to South Bend for a two-day workshop on April 25 & 26, 2010.  Victoria will be teaching a workshop entitled Tortured Metals.  Cost for the workshop will be $110.  For further information contact    My name is first on the list since my 4-year old granddaughter was born the day before Victoria came to South Bend in 2006 and I was not able to attend. The first 15 people who register and pay will be able to participate in the workshop and we now have 13 attendees.   The  workshop will be at Fernwood Botanical Gardens in Berrien Springs, MI.  Times are: Saturday, April 24 10 – 5 and Sunday, April 25, 11 – 5.  Check out her blogspot and her beautiful work 

Peter Thornton  - We are also very excited about Peter coming to South Bend to do a “Pushing the Pencil” workshop September 11 & 12, 2010.   If you would like to see Peter’s work that he will be demonstrating, please email  Cost of the workshop to be announced. 

Rosie Kelly – We love having Rosie do a workshop for us as so we are having her come again in November 6, 2010.  Topic to be announced. 

Workshops in Kalamazoo – Pendragons

May 1 and 2, 2010 (Saturday/Sunday): Diane von Arx will teach a two-day workshop for the Pendragons. Topic still under negotiation, but they are tending towards some element of design.

There are many classes available for adults and children at Studio Art Classes on Grape Road including drawing, painting, art & design, and calligraphy, of course, by Anne Binder.  If you are interested in any classes at Studio Arts, please go to    The studio is located on Grape Road in the JMS Plaza near Outback Steakhouse.

The Artful Retreat for next year will be held from Oct. 17-23, 2010 in Boyne Falls, Michigan.  If interested, go to for more information and registration form.  Spend six beautiful days at Boyne Falls with other artists away from kids, dogs, phone, etc.  For more information please contact Joya Helmuth on the website.

ODYSSEY – The 30th annual International Gathering of Letter Artists will be held from July 24 – July 31, 2010 at Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts.  Those wishing to have more information, please go to


At our March meeting, Erin Stamper gave us lots of good information regarding creating a website for our guild information and newsletter.  We will discuss this for a couple of meetings before deciding yes or no on this subject.  It’s a big monetary investment, but may mean more locals looking at joining a calligraphy group.  Below are a few guilds that have websites among other websites: - Coming to Kalamazoo in October (Reggie’s Primitive to Modern Classes)

Upcoming Events

April –  No meeting - Easter
May 1 – Show and tell – Victoria Pittman
June 5 – Victoria Pittman Playdate
July 10 – Handmade book - Maureen
August – Annual picnic at the home of Ginny Vander Hey – finished quote
September – Peter Thornton – September 11/12
October 2 – TBA
November 6 – Rosie Kelly
December 4 – Christmas get together – Angie West’s home
Please note that some of the meetings are not on the first Saturday of the month due to holidays or workshops.  Cut this part of the newsletter out and put it on your fridge.

Quote Exchange
At the March meeting, members exchanged quotes.  The name that was chosen will remain a secret until the August meeting, when we will bring in a finished 8 x 10 broadside as a gift to the person whose name we chose.  In return members will receive a broadside in return from whomever has their name.  If you would still like to participate in this exercise, please email  All names are chosen for right now, so we would need an even amount of names.  This will be your own design and lettering preference.  Have fun with it!

Birthdays for April, May and June

Sharon Esmont and Amber Schindler       May 18