Monday, July 8, 2019


Michiana Calligraphy Guild 
South Bend, IN 
MINUTES: 7/6/2019 
PRESENT:  Renee Tuveson, Ginny VanderHey, Marty Mitchell, Laurie Heyden, Pat West, Angie West, Maureen Trubac, Anna Schlemma, Laura Fuderer, Judy Theuerl, Diane Collins 
QUOTE:  You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again.  You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.  -- by Donna Tartt from The Goldfinch 
ANNUAL PICNIC:  UPDATE!  Our picnic has been changed to Saturday, August 10th at Ginny VanderHey’s home (it is no longer being held on 8/3).  If you are attending, but didn’t make it to the meeting, please email her as to what dish you will bring to share.  We will have a meeting at 10am and begin the picnic festivities around noon.  Remember to bring 15 copies of your calligraphy broadside.  It needs to on 8 ½” X 11” text weight paper.  Make sure it is in landscape layout, has a 1½ “left hand boarder.  Please give them to Maureen at the picnic.  She has volunteered to bind them and pass them out to anyone that has participated.  They will be available to pick up at the September meeting.     
MSG BLOG:  Renee has updated our blog and has and added some new features.  Check out  Share this site with anyone you think would be interested.  It is open for the public to see.  The first new feature is a Buy & Sell section.  You can send an email to Renee and she will add any calligraphy items you wish to sell or are looking to purchase.  Once you are ready, just let her know when are ready for her to take it down.  The other new feature is a Teaching & Services sections that works similarly.  Send the information to her and she will post any calligraphy teaching or service opportunities you would like to offer.  For guild members, these posts are free.  Any business transaction is between you and the interested party.  So, please be sure to include your contact information.  Non-guild member can also make posts.  Renee can give them pricing for the posting service.  
DAYS OF THE HANDMADE BOOK:  We are sad to announce that this event has been cancelled in September.  As Anne Binder set out on the mission, she ran into far too many obstacles.  We are grateful to for all the hard work she put in to set this up and just as disappointed as she is for the outcome.  There is no plan to rescheduling the event.     
BUSINESS CARDS:  Angela Michielutti had previously volunteered to make us some business cards.  The original plan was for us to have them no later than September.  If possible, Renee would like to get them into everyone’s hands sooner.  She will contact Angela to see what kind of ETA is possible.   
NEW COMMUNICATION PERSON:  Joanne has decided to retire from her position as our communications person.  We want to thank Jo for all that she has done to keep us all informed in the past.  We hope she will still stay as a guild member and come visit when she is able.  Sharon Esmont has stepped up to the plate and offered to take on the position.  You will start seeing emails from her now.   
PRESIDENT:  Renee held a board meeting at her house to begin the planning for our 2020 calendar.  She presented the tentative ideas, and everyone seems pleased.  in additions, some great ideas were added to the calendar.  We will have regular meetings next year with demonstrations on different fun topics during that time.  Guild members were very generous to volunteer to do several of these demos.  Also, several workshops and Playdates are being planned for other days.  We hope that this will bring more members to our meetings, but still fulfill the desire for some members to learn more.  Both should offer some enjoyment, new ideas and fellowship to all that are interested.  Renee will forward the 2020 calendar to all of us once the plans can be confirmed.   
TREASURER: Laurie is now collecting yearly dues of $15 from all MCG members.  She is updating our membership information at the same time.  If you were not at the meeting, please send your dues to her home by the end of July.  You can make sure she has your correct address, phone number and email address either by including the information with your dues or by sending her an email.  Once she is done, she will forward the information to each of us.     
CHRISTMAS PARTY 2019:  It was decided that the exchange we would have at this year’s December’s Christmas Party would be a tag.  Tag Day, as it was referred to, will be a chance for us to get our creative juices flowing and make 1 tag to exchange/swap.  The goal of the tag is for it to be either on a gift or a as a decoration in their house or on their Christmas tree. It’s still early so you can expect a remind about our exchange later in the year.  
SHOW ‘n TELL:  Several books were passed around that guild members have been enjoying.  Renee brought in Intro to Book Binding & Custom Cases by Tom & Cindy Hollanders.  Marty had Somerset Studio Magazine with her.  Angie had the Art of the Fold by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol.  Pat, Angie and Ginny showed us the beautiful results of their collaborative marbling paper fun they did.  Maureen showed us the success she is experiencing as she practices Akim.  Judy showed us the relaxing results she has been experiencing by starting to do some Zentangle designs.   
PRAYERS NEEDED:  Maureen informed us that Barbara Fedder is ill.  Please keep her in your prayers.  May God bless her with a speedy and complete recovery.  
NEXT MEETING:  Saturday, August 10th beginning at 10am at Ginny’s house.  The picnic will follow immediately afterwards.  Don’t forget to bring your 15 copies for the book we are putting together.    
Laura and her beautiful Foundational homework

Maureen's Akim Cursive

Maureen's Akim Cursive

Maureen's Akim Cursive

Pat purchased these books. A Japanese Stab binding and a Coptic stitch book

Pat, Ginny and Angie played with marbling.

Ginny's take on Sherry Kiesel letters

Angie worked on many of the books in "Art of the Fold"

One of Angie's boxes from "Art of the Fold"

Ginny's Accordion Book

Judy's journey into Zentangle