Saturday, March 31, 2018


April /2018  Scribnote

It’s been a long winter, and does not show any sign of giving up soon! For many of us we use those long dark days creatively. I think this helps us maintain our sanity, at least this works for me. I spent the last 2 months working on book kits for my March demo of a “Shrigley-like” book. I say “Shrigley-like” because my cover is different, a bit easier I think. It can be very frustrating trying to come up with understandable instructions. With the  offer of assistance from Ginny VanderHey I worked out a fair set and still found that I had left out the sewing method for putting the book together which was a pamphlet stitch!

We did not have a meeting in January as the weather is usually against us.

At our February meeting Sharon Esmont gave a very interesting talk on the St. Johns Bible using her own extensive collection of reproduction books. Angie West, Marty Mitchell, Barbara Walsh all had wonderful show and tell.
Angie West's card using her marbled paper

Marty Mitchell origami book

Sharon Esmont and St.Johns Bible

At our March Meeting we welcomed a new member Hannah Yoder from the Bremen area. Welcome Hannah, looking forward having you in our group!
With the assistance of Ginny VanderHey I gave my demo of the Shrigley-like binding, we had 10 members stay for the demo and I hope everyone enjoyed the process. I thought it went very well.

We had show and tell with Pat West and Ginny VanderHey showing their poured acrylic paint technique with beautiful results. Anna Schlemma had several gorgeous books that she had worked on this past winter. Marty Mitchell told us about Danielle Donaldson who has online watercolor classes at
We all like to learn new ways to embellish our calligraphy!
Anna Schlemma's beautiful book

Anna Schlemma

Anna Schlemma

Anna Schlemma

Anna Schlemma

Anna Schlemma

Ginny and her "poured acrylic" painting

My winter was spent on multiple projects; I have a membership to “Skillshare” where there are many classes available in a variety of areas. Recently I took a class with Tiffany Lovering on making Mandalas. Great fun, next step is to color them. I also took a class in January through Acorn Arts (Harvest Crittenden’s site), with Michael Ward call “Signature Design”. This class taught the enhancement of Spenserian script to be used on signatures. Wonderful class.
Michael Ward Signature Design

Michael Ward Signature Design

I think we are all looking forward to our upcoming workshop with Yukimi Annand on Tuesday May 22 and Wednesday May 23 at the Battell Center in Mishawaka. It is an honor to have her join us. This workshop sold out very quickly, clear evidence of the caliber of this artist. I have already begun to gather my supplies.

Also looking forward to Heather Held next year she is also a wonderful artist and that workshop will probably fill quickly.

A Message from Ginny VanderHey

Finally made it to our winter home in Florida after a delay due to flu and “almost” bronchitis. Fever and body aches were the worst part as well as coughing for another month.The weather hasn’t been the warmest we’ve ever encountered, but the sun shines most days and we can still do to sit on the beach and watch the dolphins swim by, the pelicans diving for fish and putting our feet in the sand.

Today (January) I went to quilt club on Sanibel Island where we attend church. There is a lovely group of ladies who make quilts not only for themselves, but make prayer quilts for anyone who has been hospitalized or ill or for new babies. I find myself comparing this group to my dear friends in MCG. They are very giving of themselves and go out of their way to help you and are very welcoming. I immediately felt comfortable being in their midst. They have a Christmas party and exchange every year and they love to eat! I have been blessed to be able to be a part of two wonderful groups of ladies who are passionate about what they do for themselves and for their community. Everyone is making a tote bag for the visiting missionaries. I really don’t have the time to quilt a tote bag, so I wrote on mine with acrylics and like the way it turned out. Used my Eliza Holliday letters on it with a flat brush using two different blues. When I brought it to the quilt club last week, it was well received and many wanted to know if I had stenciled it or how I did it. So I am giving interest in calligraphy far and wide.

I also went to a big quilt show in Ft. Myers, Florida and spent half the day at the show, then lunch and then two more quilt stores. I sat in on a demo for zentangles on fabric which reminded me of Renee and her many zentangles. What a great day I had with the quilting ladies, but happy to be back in Elkhart seeing what I have been missing in the Calligraphy world.

Policy for MCG
Our workshops seem to have people sign up and then decide not to attend. We have been very generous in returning monies paid for the workshop if someone decides not to attend at the last minute, but we are going to have a change in this policy.  There will be a nominal fee if you drop out of the workshop.  If there would be an emergency, for instance, a birth of a child or grandchild, illness, etc., then the board will take this under advisement to decide on a course of action regarding a refund.  Also, if the workshop is filled and there is someone to take your place, that would also quality for a refund. So please, if you want to sign up for the workshop, make sure that you put that date on your calendar as a commitment.  We have a small calligraphy group and we struggle to fill workshops at times.  We need all of you to attend as many as possible so that we can continue to have quality instructors. 
Are you on Facebook? If so, look up your favorite calligraphers because they are on Facebook also.  I like to look at Barbara Close, Reggie Ezell, Julian Waters, John Stevens, Rachel Yallop, Pendragons, Capital City Scribes, Yukimi Annand, etc.  There is a lot of beautiful calligraphy on these pages that will get your inspired.  Also look at Joanne Fink and Barbara Lever’s Facebook Page.  And then, there is always Pinterest.  Oh my, so many places to be inspired!

PO Box in South Bend – Due to a lack of much mail at our Post Office box in South Bend, we have suspended any mail sent to that address.  If you have anything to send to the MCG, please send to Laurie Heyden, 18292 Courtland Drive, South Bend, IN 46637 or Ginny VanderHey, 51854 Stoney Creek Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514. When monies are due for a workshop or dues, they will now go to one of these addresses. 

American Frame – Just a reminder that if you order from American Frame, please mention MCG, and they will give us a small stipend.

MCG Meetings for Year

April 7 – Ginny VanderHey - accordian fold book
May 5 – Marty Mitchell - Button Hole Stitch Book
June 2-Angie West Spotlight Thomas Ingmire book
July  7- Linda Bigger (to be determined)
August – Annual Picnic
September  -Laurie Hayden (to be detemined)
October 6-
November 4 –Anna Schlemma (to be determined
December 1 – Annual Christmas potluck and exchange

Annual dues of $15 are due at the July meeting. Our annual dues have not changed in many years and are put to good use for supplies for our make it/take it meetings, annual raffle in August, and, at the end of the year, we give to local charities. Please remember to bring your dues to the July meeting or send it to Maureen Trubac, our treasurer.
Renee Tuveson
, President 574/291-3621
Marty Mitchell, Vice President 818-424-5988
Laurie Heyden, Treasurer, 
Pat West, Secretary 574-612-9328
Jo McPherson, Study Group Chairperson,
Renee Tuveson – Blog Coordinator

If ever you would like to add to the newsletter/blog, please contact one of the officers, and we will get that information to Renee Tuveson. Something you have done or have seen would be welcomed into our information.