Monday, October 4, 2010

Photos from Carrie Imai Workshop

Carrie wrote out a word for each of us.

Some of the books we made the first few days
Photo of Carrie (front and center) with some of her students

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010 Scribnote

Comments from our Chairperson
Summer has come and gone for this year.  It was a hot one compared to last year, but we got to spend a lot more time in the pool than usual as a result of the heat.  MCG concluded our summer with a picnic at my home on August 7 and a Peter Thornton workshop at the South Bend Regional Museum of Art.  Our raffle for this year’s picnic was a year’s subscription to LAR and someone picked my name out of the hat as the winner.  I was thrilled to be the recipient and get to gaze at calligraphic work from some of our most well-known calligraphers.  Our quote exchange in August was a treat for our eyes. At least nine of our members participated in rendering a quote for another member and the results were beautiful.  If all agree, we may do this again next year.  We had 16 members at the Peter Thornton workshop on September 11 and 12 and we each created a book filled with samples of our lettering from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  Peter is a very patient teacher and led us through several different hands from Romans to Casual Caps.  Below are two more testimonials:

I was not familiar with his style but was interested in Roman capitals.  Plus, those who had taken classes with him were very enthusiastic, so I looked forward to the workshop.  They were right!  He has a direct way of teaching, which explains and demonstrates his goal of improving our understanding of Roman caps, resulting in our being able to make them easier. Peter began with showing us how to draw and divide a box (or line) to guide us in making the letter.  He moved on, then, thru a softer Roman and then to variations on Romans,  finally reaching designs using only the letters themselves.  He also shared his “Oh dearie, dearie, dear,”  spoken when a serious error is made.  It was a grand workshop.  I think I will finally begin to be able to draw “dancing” letters, as well as beginning to work the other variations.  -- Jo McPherson

Pushing the Pencil only hints at the complex tasks we were involved in. Sixteen participants used their 2B, 8B, HB, 2H or Derwent wash pencils to accomplish letters that were light with narrow spacing, others heavier with wider spacing, elongated letters and organic letters.  Each project was more and more challenging, exciting and adventuresome.  Peter's input was invaluable in helping us see in which direction to go with our pieces.  Peter wanted us to achieve a SPARKLE to our work.  His demonstrations enabled us to understand how using different weights, spacing and heights, created textures which evolved into wonderful pieces of art.  The final project was to bind our pieces into a book.  Now is it up tous to use these examples to build on our "Pushing the Pencil" experience.  --  Maureen Trubac

Future workshops

Rosie Kelly – We love having Rosie do a workshop for us here in South Bend, so we are having her come again on November 13, 2010.  We will be making another amazing Rosie book.  Cost will be $55.  Supply list will be emailed to you from Ginny.  Times for the workshop will be from 9 am until 5 pm at Christ the King Church in South Bend.  There is a 15 person limit, so please send your check for the full amount to the PO Box as soon as possible and let Ginny or Maureen know that it is on it’s way….”the check is in the mail!”  First come, first served so get your check in the mail!

Workshops in Kalamazoo – Pendragons
October 2 & 3, 2010 – Carrie Imai – $135. for non members.  This workshop is
filled and only has a waiting list.  

Artful Retreat

The Artful Retreat for next year will be held from October 17-23, 2010 in Boyne Falls, Michigan.  If interested, go to for more information and registration form.  Spend six beautiful days at Boyne Falls with other artists away from kids, dogs, phone, etc.  For more information please contact Joya Helmuth on the website.

Upcoming Events

October 2 – Peter Thornton practice lettering that we learned in the workshop. Christ the King Church 10 am until noon

November 13 – Rosie Kelly – Handmade book  - Christ the King Church

December 4 – Christmas get together – Maureen Trubac’s home – Christmas card exchange. Meeting at 10 am and lunch at noon.

Please note that some of the meetings are not on the first Saturday of the month due to holidays or workshops.

Studio Arts Classes
There are many classes available for adults and children at Studio Art Classes on Grape Road including drawing, painting, art & design, and calligraphy, of course, by Anne Binder.  If you are interested in any classes at Studio Arts, please go to    The studio is located on Grape Road in the JMS Plaza near Outback Steakhouse.

Annual Membership

If you have not yet paid your annual membership dues for the Michiana Calligraphy Guild for 2010-11, please send your check to the PO box listed below as soon as possible.  Dues are $15./year with our fiscal year beginning in July. 

Birthdays for October, November, December

Diana Stamper - October 10
Maureen Trubac - December 13

If we missed your birthday this year, we hope you had a happy one!