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July 2012 Scribnote


It is May 10, 2012 as I begin to get my ideas on the page for the July newsletter. I have missed the April meeting due to visiting my daughter and grandson in Texas for several days and then missed the Jacqueline Sullivan workshop, which I hear was wonderful. And finally, I missed the May meeting conducted by Sharon Esmont who gave a demo on uncial lettering and Celtic knots. Maureen Trubac was the demo leader who demonstrated two books in April. I had seen the books before the April meeting so I knew what they were like, but I didn’t get to partake in the creation of my own. At the June meeting, Renee Tuveson led us in a make it/take it demo of two books including using book cloth. The books were great and Renee had lots of embellishments to go with them. We always need to learn new book techniques so that we can mail these lovely items to friends and relatives.
Renee's books

  I hate missing meetings and certainly don’t like to miss workshops, but I had a choice. Either two weeks on the beach in Florida or two days in a workshop. Hmmm. I had to think about it for a while, but my husband is a tax accountant and certainly deserves a vacation after four grueling months of sorting out receipts and 401K’s. I don’t get to take any calligraphy supplies with me on vacation because, first of all, they add extra poundage to my already large suitcase, and secondly, I just wouldn’t sit down to do it. We took a walk on the beach every morning and heard the sound of the surf, birds and the shells cracking under our feet. Then we would go back to the beach to sit and read, or in my case, hunt for more shells. Sanibel Island is the shell capital of the world and the way the island is situated makes for a tonnage of shells that come in every day and their beauty is astounding. In the afternoon it would be time for the pool and sit in the shade and after dinner, there would be another walk on the beach to see the sunset.

  We also got up at 6:30 a couple of mornings to see the sun rise over Ft. Myers Beach. There’s where my other creative side comes in when I am snapping pictures of the shells, birds, sunsets, sunrises and even the moon one night when it was closest to earth. Just like when I go to a workshop, I like to sit and look at the pictures I had taken and enjoy their beauty yet again. So, I was thinking of all of you enjoying creativity for two days in Jacqueline’s workshop and can’t wait to see your work in June. Since coming home, I have done a broadside, a couple of thank you cards and placed an order from Daniel Smith. I guess the beach is in my rear view mirror and my artwork is close at hand.

From Amber Schindler regarding the Jacqueline Sullivan workshop:

Jacqueline Sullivan filled her Visual Poetry workshop to the brim with creative inspiration. We learned how to make art with our words, curiously unreadable unless viewed from up close or even hidden within the painting. On the first day, Jacqueline introduced us to various Golden brand mediums and paints, with which we experimented in our sketchbook journals. We began to build layers of color and texture on each page in a spirit of play, incorporating such toys as rubber stamps, gold leaf, stencils, Japanese Lace Paper, molding paste, and pan pastels.
  She kept us moving quickly enough to silence our inner critics and opened our minds to new possibilities. Day two commenced with Jacqueline’s slideshow presentation about how she approaches and transforms her pieces. We understood, with relief and excitement, how forgiving working on a canvas could be. Encouraged to make only one decision at a time, we painted with letters, paused to review our progress as a group, and then continued to express ourselves on our canvases with Jacqueline as our guide. Abstract creations and spirited journals rewarded our bravery after a challenging yet fun-filled weekend.

Michiana Calligraphy Guild is twenty years old!!!

  The MCG started back in 1992 when Anne Binder and Sylvia Godsey got together and formed a group with a love for letters. We are planning on celebrating our 20th anniversary of the MCG by displaying some of our wares and doing some demonstrating at a local library. Stay tuned for more details.

Please keep Barbara Rogan in your thoughts and prayers. She is recovering from a stroke and is in rehab. Continue to send cards her way, but she is not taking visitors at this time. We also want to send our condolences to long-time member Rose Kopec and her family on the passing of her dad, Wayne Harsch. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Rose.

"Alone, letters are the instruments - Together, they become the symphony"
 ~Mary Dee

Marijo Carney will be teaching brush lettering for a one-day workshop on October 20, 2012. Cost will be $50. and registration will begin immediately. We almost had a brush lettering workshop with Marijo a few years ago, but it had to be cancelled, so we are pleased that Marijo will be joining us to teach brush lettering later this year. She had taught design to our guild several years ago. Welcome back, Marijo! This class is for all levels of skill.

  Rosie Kelly will be here in the spring of 2013 (date to be announced) to teach a two-day workshop. We have secured Rosie for two days, but have not yet decided on what the topic Will be. Rosie always brings us fresh, new ideas and we are always happy to have her with us.

Barbara Mann will be coming to South Bend to teach a two-day workshop on watercolor flowers on October 5 and 6, 2013. Barbara is a member of our guild and gave a workshop several years ago. We are thrilled that she will be joining us again. More information will be forthcoming in the next few months.

WEBSITES TO ENJOY (new 2012) (Our own Tina Cronkite)  (outline stickers)  (outline stickers and much more)

American Frame – Just a reminder that if you order from American Frame, please mention MCG, and they will give us a small stipend.

"An artist is in a constant state of becoming."
* Bob Dylan

July 7 – Lettering – Anne Binder (Also, please bring your 3 x 3 inch piece of Stonehenge paper decorated to this meeting so that Sharon can put them onto the recipe book front and back covers.) If you were not at the June meeting, then bring the abovementioned size piece of Stonehenge or something similar to the meeting with a design that possibly coordinates with your recipe.
August 4– Annual Picnic – Handmade book exchange (Please make an accordion book, size of your own choosing, for an exchange)
September 8 – (second week in the month due to Labor Day weekend) October – National Calligraphy Month November – Versals – Angie West
December – Christmas get together –– Bring a dish to pass Please note that some of the meetings are not on the first Saturday of the month due to holidays or workshops. Cut this part of the information in the newsletter out, and put it on your fridge.

Annual dues of $15 are due in July. Our annual dues have not changed in many years and are put to good use for supplies for our make it/take it meetings, annual raffle in August, and, at the end of the year, we give to local charities. Please remember to send your dues to the MCG post office box as soon as possible.

Ginny VanderHey, President 574/262-1345
Sharon Esmont, Vice President 574/272-5481
Maureen Trubac, Treasurer 574/272–0733
Amber Schindler, Secretary 574/360-9128
Jo McPherson, Study Group Chairperson,

Amber Schindler & Renee Tuveson – Blog Coordinators If ever you would like to add to the newsletter/blog, please contact one of the officers, and we will get that information to Amber and Renee. Something you have done or have seen would be welcomed into our information. When you have a connection with your work, it also connects you with those who like the same things.

Pen Dragons – The Pen Dragons of Kalamazoo will be hosting Pat Blair for a workshop on September 17 & 18. Check out her website to see her work. The Pen Dragons are very warm and welcoming when you are part of their workshops. They usually fill their workshops, so if you are interested in being a participant in one of their workshops, you may want to consider being a Pen Dragons member to get first dibs….or nibs!

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you always know they are there."

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